Heberle Inspektionsgeräte GmbH & Co. KG - Your partner for....

  • Visual inspection systems for high radiation environment:
    Heberle Inspektionsgeraete is manufacturing radiation tolerant underwater cameras since more than 20 years. Our watertight cameras are used for inspections in nuclear power plants (BWR and PWR). Our products are for example high radiation resistant vidicon tube cameras (for fuel element inspection, etc.) or radiation tolerant CCD-cameras.
  • ... service, maintenance and repairing of radiation resistant underwater cameras for inspections in nuclear power plants since 1989. Distribution and procurement of RICO spare parts, distribution of professional video technology (CCTV)
  • ... development of custom built equipment and small batch series (underwater camera, control unit, manual remote control, cable and attachments) since 1996
  • ... service and distribution of RICO nuclear cameras and attachments (November 1st, 2003: acquisition of the business area Nuclear-Underwater-TV-Inspection-Systems of RICO EAB including production, documentation, service and spare parts)
  • ...individual solutions for various underwater inspection systems (pipe inspection, container inspection, video surveillance under water, etc.). Our cameras are not only radiation resistant, but also tolerant against heat and corrosion.


Qualification of our emloyees

  • Mechanical engineer - Dipl.Ing. (FH)
  • Master craftsman of electronics
  • Technician of electronics
  • Employee training at regular intervals


  • Cameras and equipment developed by our own (underwater cameras, control units, manual remote controls, cables and attachments)
  • Products of other companies, adapted for our customers
  • Development of custom built equipment
  • CCTV
  • Customer focus and consulting in your plant


  • Product line - Nuclear underwater camera
  • New innovative products
  • All spare parts for our products and for RICO nuclear products
  • Custom built parts
  • Compatibility of new systems to the existing ones


  • New products and advancement of existing products

Service with skilled workers:

  • Service and operation of our products during revisions of nuclear power plants (also shift work)
  • Spare part procurement
  • Fast and cost efficient maintenance and repairing
  • Our employees have experience in the control area of nuclear facilities, own a radiation passport and a valid security check in Germany